AVAILABLE NOW BIZZY BIZ 136 : An illustrated storybook rendition of the THE HIP-HOP POP-UP BOOK

The Pop-Up Book the streets have been waiting for! The Hip-Hop Pop-Up Book is a unique and artistic celebration of the original four elements of hip-hop: Breaking, Graffiti, DJ-ing, and Emceeing. It's an interactive experience filled with characters and scenery every bit as vibrant as the scene that gave birth to them. After coming up with the idea for a pop-up book, paper engineer and avid hip-hop lover Natalia Romero enlisted the help of fellow hip-hop head, illustrator and graphic designer Paul Beresniewicz. Together with hip-hop legend and historian Grandmaster Caz, The Hip-Hop Pop-Up Book brings the early days of hip-hop to life like you've never seen them before. The book introduces you to young B-Boy Bizzy Biz 136, his older brother and budding Dj, Kev, his school-mate (and secret crussssshhh) Foxxy and dozens of his neighbors, friends and foes as they all take part in each of the four elements of Hip-Hop!